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Verona Marble and Industrial Investments Co.


Verona Company owns thousands of square meters of stone and marble quarries across Palestine, thus offering a wide selection of natural stone in different colors, textures and treatments.

List of Quarries:

  • Florancia Quarry
  • Jerusalem Gold Taffouh Quarry
  • Jerusalem Gray Quarry
  • Beit Fajjar Quarry
  • Ya’bad Quarry
  • Verona Gold Quarry


MOMA Museum New York - USA

Bin Laden Group Buildings - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia 36000 sqm.

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies – Doha

Group of Marble Art Company - Projects in Dubai - Bahrain - Kuwait – KSA - 65000 sqm.

CCC tower - CCC house bldg - Ramallah – Palestine 5000 sqm.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque - Aqaba - Jordan – 18300 sqm.

The Russian center credo co - Bethlehem 15000 SQM - Palestine

Investment bank bldg - main branch - Ramallah - Palestine - 8700sqm

Tulkarem Court Project - Tulkarem Palestine 8800 sqm.

Music Institute Project - Ramallah - Palestine 6300sqm.

Private Projects -Gulf Area - 250000 sqm.

Supplying Palestinian marble and stone all over the world.

Supplying marble for a small factories in Palestine and Jordan.

Marmi Bruno Zanet srl in Italy.

Marmi Bruno Zanet srl in Brazil.

VIB (Vitoria International Business) Comercial Importadora

E Exportadora ltd in Brazil.

SMS Stone - Canada